Sahar Nabinik

SaharSahar Nabinik was born in  1979 and emigrated from Iran to Australia in 2009. She began studying ceramics at the Museum of Glass and Ceramics (Abgine Museum) in 2000. In 2003 she worked under the tutelage of well know ceramic artists Homa Farley (Vafai) in the UAE– Dubai and later specialised in the transfer of Persian designs on vessels and plates. Currently she is studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, Australia. She has taught ceramics in Dubai and Australia.  Whilst in Dubai she participated in many group exhibitions and in Australia she has participated in trade displays and founded her own ceramics business Sahar Pottery. Sahar uses both the hand building and wheel throwing techniques. She is inspired by Persian art and culture in particular the use of calligraphy and motifs sourced from Persian carpet designs. Her vessels are known for their detailed designs and dynamic texture. She draws on a deep spiritual connection to nature and the teachings of Sufi poets in her work.

Sahar runs regular workshops throughout the year. She also designs workshops for school aged children and and special events.

For more information about workshops with Sahar please contact IWVAC-Australia.