Azadeh Zolfigol


Azadeh Zolfigol was born in 1979 in Tehran and immigrated to Australia in 2013.  She has a degree in Political Science and Theology.  She perused her passion for visual arts studying the traditional form of Marquetry from Master artisan, Mehran Amir Inanlou in Tehran.   Marquetry is the art of applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures. The Iranian art of marquetry, known in Persian as Moarraq, it is a delicate form of craft in which images and patterns are fashioned with thin slices of wood, glass, shell and other materials. Azadeh’s work embraces traditional subject matter of landscapes, birds and intricate Persian patterns. She creates both functional and decorative objects. She is a member of the Woodwork Association of Australia and has participated in many exhibitions of her work since arriving in Australia.

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